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Forgetting to do things can be frustrating

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This project is an imagined feature for WhatsApp (Instant messaging app) solving the pain point that Many WhatsApp users frequently forget tasks and promises made within conversations, leading to missed opportunities, delayed responses, and overall inefficiencies in managing their daily responsibilities. This forgetfulness affects both personal and professional interactions, causing frustration and potential negative consequences in users' lives.


Product Designer,
Research, conceptualization, design, and prototyping.


4 Weeks

Target audience

Whatsapp Users


Here is how it all started

It all started when, my friend talked to me about this scenario about constantly forgetting small everyday tasks, and getting buried inside important ones

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User receives a message that needs an action

User things about the message so that they don't forget it

User looks at all the important things in to-do list, but the message still remains on whatsapp

Untitled_Artwork 15.jpg

User goes back home after work

Friend asks about the message

User totally forgot the message

Untitled_Artwork 15.jpg

User forgot it beacuse of nemerous messages coming through whatsapp

User adds the message to calendar so that it is not forgotten

Task added

Fig 11: Affinity mapping in Figjam

Which made me wonder,
"Is this a common problem"?


Understanding if this problem really exist?

I started with a short survey of 128 WhatsApp users to gather insights into their task management practices and preferences. Participants were asked a series of questions to assess their usage patterns, frequency of forgetting tasks, current methods of reminder, perceived success of those methods, and their opinions on potential WhatsApp features for helping them remember communications happening through WhatsApp.


User survey







What I wanted to know, and what I got?
Frame 1331.png
I want to know if users have this problem/ what is the percentage of users who have this problem.
How often do users encounter tasks or reminders within their WhatsApp conversations? Is it a common occurrence to solve?
Frame 1331.png
What are the different ways they organize their tasks now? what are the tools users use?
Frame 1331.png
How successful are users in their current method of doing this?
How helpful it would be for the user if this problem were solved as a feature on WhatsApp?
What are the different tasks that users come through on WhatsApp? Are there common patterns?
What are the different tasks that users come through on WhatsApp? Are there common patterns?

Fig 11: Google forms insights


of users utilize WhatsApp for both personal and work-related communication


of users reported frequently forgetting promises made on WhatsApp


Users employ various methods for reminders within WhatsApp. 10% utilize external tools like Google Calendar


perceive their methods as not very successful or not at all successful., 


users perceive their methods as not very successful or not at all successful.

Hence proved
There is a clear need and desire for WhatsApp to introduce features that assist users in remembering and completing tasks received through conversations. These features should integrate smoothly with existing workflows, respect user privacy, and maintain the simplicity of the messaging platform.


Deep dive

User interviews Assumptions

Conducted user interviews with 4 users to better understand their needs and pain points


Users are finding it difficult to remember tasks that comes within whatsapp


The current functionality within WhatsApp (pinning chats, starring messages) is insufficient for managing tasks.


Users prefer a task management solution that seamlessly integrates within WhatsApp without requiring them to switch between apps.

Identifying patterns from user conversations
Frame 1332.png
Frame 1332.png

Each colour represents a user

Fig 11: Affinity mapping in Figjam

All user testing assumptions were proved.

I asked myself if there are a lot of other external task management tools,
Why do we need a feature inside WhatsApp?

And these were my answers;

  • Convenience: Seamless integration within WhatsApp eliminates the need to switch between apps, reducing friction and improving workflow.


  • Context Preservation: Tasks stay connected to the original conversation where they were discussed, providing a better context for completion.


  • Simplicity: Learning and managing a new tool adds complexity. The integration leverages existing WhatsApp knowledge and habits.

Meet Emi

What might be the reasons why these events occurred to Emi?

Frame 48096252.png

Pain points identified


Limited Pinning

The limited number of pinned chats frustrates users by hindering easy access to task reminders, as to see the pinned message entering the conversation is necessary and forgettable.


Unreliable Unread Messages

Marking messages as unread is an unreliable reminder system for users because new messages constantly push them down the list.


Forgetfulness and Embarrassment

Users feel embarrassed about having to rely on others to remind them of tasks discussed on WhatsApp.


Lack of Reminder System

There's no built-in reminder system within WhatsApp to automatically remind users about tasks arising from chats, Creating calendar entries for every small task feels like a hassle for users.


Competitor analysis

Did a study around different reminders, and tasks Apps to get an understanding about how they are doing it, what is working, what is not working, and what could be improved

Frame 1336.png
Frame 1336.png



Frame 1336.png


Frame 1336.png


Frame 1336.png

Any do

Frame 1336.png

Apple reminder

Frame 1336.png



Frame 1336.png

Notion calendar

Frame 1336.png

Apple calendar

Frame 1336.png

Google calendar

Frame 1336.png

Microsoft To-do

Fig 11: Competitor logos


Understanding WhatsApp

Information Achitecture of WhatsApp

By mapping out the existing information architecture of WhatsApp,helped me gain a comprehensive view of how the app is currently structured. This helped me identify potential locations where the reminder feature could be integrated.

Frame 1334.png
Frame 1324.png

Fig 11: WhatsApp IA

Eg potential locations on Top Nav and chat area


Slide 1/3


(Context-based) Clicking individual chats will reveal options that will include remind, clicking remind would bring a sheet where you can enter your details

Frame 1335.png

Pro: Showing the user upfront when they try to do an action

Con: On iOS the experience is easy, but on Android users have to click the overflow menu, an additional step to discover


Introduce a new icon on top nav bar inside chats, clicking it would open up a page to set reminder

Frame 1335.png

Pro: showing upfront, users might notice the new icon

Con: Using the already cramped real estate, can be pushy. Complicated new screen and might lose the simplicity of actions on WhatsApp


Defining the solution

After analyzing the pros and cons of each option, decided to go with this option due to its simplicity and activates when the user needs it and not pushing them to use it

The action should feel like part of the conversation and not intentional

Frame 48096444.png

Fig 11: Mid fidelity designs

Set reminders on Calls

Voice calls


Group chats




Frame 48096444.png


How do reminders work inside a group chat?


How do reminders work inside a group chat?

How is this different from other reminders?

How is this helping more than mark as unread, pin etc

Where can we see the presence of reminders

in the chat

in the chat

in the chat

in the chat

Next steps can be adding other people in the reminders, common reminders

How can we provide a simple and easy ay for users to quickly add reminders on whatsapp

Range of reminders?

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